About Us

IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society (UFFC-S)  is one of more than 40 scientific and technical professional societies  and councils of the IEEE. (IEEE has more than 400,000 members in more  than 160 countries.) The IEEE UFFC-S started as the Professional Group on Ultrasonics Engineering (PGUE) of the Institute of Radio Engineers  (IRE), Inc. in 1953, and has had its present name since 1986.

More details about the history of the IEEE UFFC-S may be found at https://ieee-uffc.org/about-us/history/uffc-s-history/, and, more specifically, in From PGUE TO G-SU TO UFFC-S: 1953-1997, A Historical Perspective by Fred S. Hickernell.