UFFC Milestones

The IEEE Milestones program honors significant technical achievements in all areas associated with IEEE.  It is a program of the IEEE History Committee, administered through the IEEE History Center. Milestones recognize the technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity found in unique products, services, seminal papers, and patents. Milestones are proposed by any IEEE member and are sponsored by an IEEE Organizational Unit (OU)—such as an IEEE section, society, chapter or student branch. After recommendation by the IEEE History Committee and approval by the IEEE Board of Directors, a bronze plaque commemorating the achievement is placed at an appropriate site with an accompanying dedication ceremony.

The IEEE History Center staff have already prepared a list of possible candidates. Members are encouraged to propose other major achievements according to an established proposal process. Those selected for recognition must then be sponsored by one or more IEEE Sections, Societies, Chapters or Student Branches. The UFFC-S will consider sponsorship for milestone proposals in UFFC-S’ fields of interest.

To be honored, the achievement should demonstrate technical innovation that has benefited humanity. It also must have occurred at least 25 years ago and must have had significant importance across a substantial geographical region. Given the nature of IEEE-related achievements, most have had world-wide impact! To date, 177 IEEE Milestones have been dedicated throughout the world.

  • IEEE Milestone Dedication: Piezoelectric quartz oscillator 1921-1923 (Walter Guyton Cady)
    Byline: Sidney Lang
    Milestone dedication program and Walter Cady’s achievements

    Milestone plaque at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT where Wlater Guyton Cady did his research

  • UFFC Cosponsors the IEEE Milestone for the First Atomic Clock – Developed at NIST
    Byline : John Vig
    Read more about the Atomic Clock and Milestone

    IEEE Milestones Celebrate Major Achievements