Sawyer Award

The C. B. Sawyer Memorial Award is to recognize entrepreneurship or leadership in the frequency control community; or outstanding contributions in the development, production or characterization of resonator materials or structures.

The award nominating procedure may be found here.


Victor Plessky

For pioneering contributions to the development of SAW and micro-acoustic devices, including the prediction of Surface Transverse Waves (STM), the theory of the “leaky” SAW in periodic structures (i.e., the “Plessky equation”), and the invention of XBARs.

No award presented

Lack of suitable nominations

Franklin Ascarrunz

For a career of continued excellence providing the time and frequency community with state of the art electronics having ever lower noise figures and increased performance.

Ron Stephens

For decades of entrepreneurial leadership in the frequency control industry

Paul Muralt

For his outstanding contribution to understand growth mechanisms of piezoelectric thin films and materials, the development of innovative structures for acoustic-wave-based resonators and transducers, and the promotion of their use for effective time-and-frequency applications.

Wan-Thai Hsu

Co-founding Discera, Inc., and pioneering the development and commercialization of MEMS oscillators

Ulrich L. Rohde

For the development of PC software now allowing nonlinear noise analysis of RF circuit and the founding of Synergy Microwave, including the design and manufacture of ultra-low noise sources, RF components and subsystems exhibiting state-of-the-art performance.

Lute Maleki

For his outstanding leadership and entrepreneurship in the founding of OEwaves, and for his many contributions to the frequency control community.

Christine Klemenz Rivenbark

For research and development of high quality crystal growth of emerging LGT and similar materials for the frequency control community, and establishment of a company for production of these materials.

Achim Wixforth

For the development and successful commercialization of surface acoustic wave driven microfluidic systems.

Rich Ruby

For the development of high-Q, miniature FBAR resonators that are producible in large quantities, and of which billions have been produced.

Wolfgang Schäfer

For his long-term commitment to development and applications of precision time transfer equipment.

Jesse Searls

For the development and successful commercialization of microwave signal sources exhibiting spectral purity that significantly advances the state-of-the-art.

Errol EerNisse

For the founding and technical management of companies resulting in the commercialization of sensors based on his inventions of double-ended quartz tuning-fork, and high-stability resonators and sensors based on his understanding of stress effects in quartz.

John R. Vig

For seminal contributions to the science and technology of quartz and piezoresonator devices, and for leadership in the frequency control and timing community extending over many years

Samuel R. Stein

For outstanding technical contributions and leadership in the commercialization of highly precise timing standards and instrumentation.

Thomas C. English

For outstanding contributions to the development of wide-scale commercial gas cell rubidium frequency standards, and for contributions to the understanding of the processes and control of variations in manufacturing these standards.

Peter W. Krempl

For outstanding contributions and leadership in the development of Gallium Orthophosphate crystals for sensor and frequency control applications.

R. Michael Garvey

For exceptional leadership and technical contributions in the successful development of commercial atomic frequency standards and other time and frequency products.

Yakov L. Vorokhovsky

For outstanding entrepreneurship in leading Morion Inc. to a world class company and for many years of dedication to the quartz crystal industry.

Prof. Boris Mill

For pioneering the development of the langasite family of single crystal piezoelectric materials.

Shih S. Chuang

For contributions and leadership in the development and commercialization of micro-machined quartz crystal devices.

Donald B. Sullivan

For leadership in supporting and encouraging the development of frequency and time standards technology

Peter G. Sulzer

For the evolution of a curiosity about quartz resonators into the low noise, low drift rate Sulzer oscillator design that was the foundation for Sulzer Laboratories, Inc.

Charles J. Jensik

For leadership in the manufacture and design of precision AT, BT and SC-cut quartz resonators and oscillators.

Lidya I. Zhourkina

For outstanding contributions to international standardization, and 30 years of leadership on the IEC Technical Committee No. 49, Piezoelectric and Dielectric Devices for Frequency Control and Selection."

Roger Ward

For technical and industrial contributions to the design and fabrication of quartz crystal resonators.

Jack L. Saunders

For leadership in the development and manufacture of quartz resonator measurement equipment used throughout the industry.

Martin Bloch

For that rare combination of scientific and entrepreneurial par excellence dedicated to the frequency control industry.

John G. Gualtieri

For significant contributions in further understanding alpha quartz as regards to sweeping, etch channels, irradiation, and developing high yields in photolithographic processing.

William H. Horton

For technical and industrial leadership in the development and manufacture of quartz crystals, filters, and oscillators.

The award was not presented due to insufficient nominations

Charles A. Adams

For contributions to the development of unique devices and manufacturing technology.

John A. Kusters

In recognition of outstanding contributions in engineering, technology development and management relating to quartz crystals and devices.

Larry E. Halliburton

For his contributions toward the characterization of cultured quartz using infrared absorption, electron spin resonance, acoustic loss, and thermoluminescence measurements.

Thrygve Meeker

For his contributions to the theory and design of piezoelectric quartz devices.

William B. Benedick, Robert A. Graham and Frank W. Neilson

For their fundamental experimental studies of the physical properties of crystalline quartz under extreme pressures and rates of loading leading to applications including a high pressure quartz stress gauge with nanosecond time resolution.

Erich Hafner

For technical contributions and leadership in the fields of quartz resonator research, technology and measurement, and high precision frequency control.

Eduard A. Gerber and Roger A. Sykes

Gerber: "For pioneering research in VHF and UHF precision oscillators and filter crystals and international leadership in the field of frequency control." Sykes: "For outstanding contributions in the development and application of quartz crystals in the frequency control industry."

Peter Chung-Yi Lee

For contributions to the theory of vibrations in quartz crystal plates.

Harry F.R. Tiersten

For contributions to the theory of piezoelectric resonators.

Arthur D. Ballato

For contributions in the field of piezoelectric crystals such as; stacked filters, electric circuit analogues and stress effects in doubly rotated plates.

Virgil E. Bottom

In recognition of theoretical and practical contributions to the Quartz Crystal Industry, and inspiration to his students to choose this field of endeavor.

Warren L. Smith

For outstanding contributions in the field of precision crystal controlled oscillators of high spectral purity and monolithic crystal filters.

Morio Onoe

For theoretical and practical contributions in the field of frequency control and selection, as well as leadership in national and international committees on piezoelectric devices.

Robert A. Laudise, Robert A. Ballman and David W. Rudd

For outstanding contributions to the synthesis of crystalline quartz with special properties for resonator applications.

James C. King

For major contributions to the understanding of the fundamental properties of quartz crystals, and methods for improvement of these properties in synthetic quartz.

William J. Spencer

For advances in the theory and development of piezoelectric crystal devices.

Donald L. Hammond

For development and applications of crystal devices to highly precise frequency control, and temperature and pressure instrumentation.

Issac Koga

Theoretical and experimental investigations of quartz and tutorial leadership in the field of piezoelectric crystals.

Arthur W. Warner, Jr.

Contributions to the development of high frequency thickness shear quartz resonators for precise frequency control and as an aid to the measurement of the intrinsic Q of quartz material.

Daniel R. Curran and David B. Fraser

Curran: "For original and imaginative design of multielectrode piezoelectric resonators, contributing significantly to the rapid advance of the quartz filter art in the past few years." Fraser: "For contributions to the knowledge of the mechanisms of acoustic loss in crystalline quartz, and the evaluation of this acoustic loss by optical methods."

Raymond D. Mindlin

For fundamental contributions to the theory of vibration in piezoelectric resonators leading directly to advancements in the art.

Warren P. Mason and Rudolf Bechman

Mason: "For outstanding contributions in quartz crystal devices, particularly in the field of frequency selection." Bechman: "For outstanding contributions in quartz crystal devices, particularly in the field of frequency control."