Rayleigh Award

The Rayleigh Award represents the highest honor for achievement within the UFFC Society in the field of Ultrasonics. The achievement may be in technical innovations, research, education, publications, and related professional endeavors. Typically, the recipient will have demonstrated these accomplishments over a sustained period. Selection will be made by an Awards Committee consisting of the Rayleigh Award Chair who is appointed by the Vice President of Ultrasonics, previous recipients of the Rayleigh Award, and the Ultrasonics Technical Program Vice-Chairs.

The award consists of an honorarium of $1,000, a plaque and a certificate. The recipient of the Rayleigh Award will be announced and recognized at the opening session of the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium.

Rayleigh Award Nomination Requirements

Any person, including non-IEEE members, is eligible to serve as a nominator. The nominator cannot serve as a Rayleigh Award Reviewing Committee member. All nominations must be submitted to the Rayleigh Award Chair by March 1st. Nominees for this award will be solicited annually, via an e-mail to all UFFC Society members. Details on award requirements and a nomination package will be included with this solicitation.

The nominator is responsible for submitting the nomination package including the following items by March 1st:

  • A two-page nomination letter on how the nominee has impacted the field of ultrasonics and created new opportunities for academic inquiry and/or commercial success.
  • A professional resume including a picture, list of publications, a citation report, list of patents or other supporting documents.
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation in addition to the nominator’s letter.

Questions regarding Rayleigh Award should be addressed to:

Dr. Jafar Saniie, Filmer Endowed Chair Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois 60616
Phone: 1 312-567-3412


Charles A. Cain

For substantial contributions to therapeutic ultrasound, invention and development of histotripsy

Matthew O’Donnell

For seminal contributions to biomedical ultrasonics and real-time ultrasound imaging technologies

Professor James Miller

For pioneering sustained and high impact research in ultrasonic tissue characterization and quantitative echocardiography

Professor Jonathan Ophir

For his outstanding contributions to the invention, development, and clinical applications of elastography.

Kullervo Hynynen

For outstanding accomplishment in the development of image guided ultrasound therapeutics and in particular for pioneering the use of focused ultrasound as a means of noninvasively ablating brain tissue and reversibly opening the blood brain barrier.

Professor Moises Levy

For outstanding fundamental contributions to the field of low temperature superconductivity using bulk and surface wave ultrasonics and for extensive service to the IEEE UFFC Society.

Professor Mathias Fink

For outstanding contributions to the physics and application of time reversal methods and for academic and commercial development of shear wave imaging.

Prof. Pierre Khuri-Yakub

For outstanding contributions and pioneering developments in novel micro and nano ultrasound transducer technologies.

Prof. Stuart Foster

For outstanding technical contribution to the field of high frequency ultrasound, especially applications to small animal imaging, and for extensive service to the IEEE UFFC Society.

Dr. Lawrence W. Kessler

For pioneering research in acoustic imaging, leadership in the development of nondestructive evaluation systems for industrial applications, and career-long service to the IEEE UFFC Society.

Prof. William D. O’Brien

For pioneering contributions in acoustics and medical diagnostics research and education and for devoted service to the IEEE UFFC Society.

Dr. Arthur Ballato

For outstanding leadership and pioneering contributions to the fields of piezoelectric materials and devices, and for his continued dedication to education.

Prof. Yuri V. Gulyaev

For outstanding past and continuing contributions to acoustoelectronics, acoustooptics, microwave acoustics, and surface acoustic waves.

Prof. Dr. Noriyoshi Chubachi

For pioneering research in piezoelectric materials, in acoustic microscopy, and in materials evaluation as well as for his many years of service to the IEEE UFFC Society.

Prof. James F. Greenleaf

For pioneering and continuing contributions to medical diagnostic research and education.

Prof. Richard M. White

For pioneering contributions in ultrasonics to the development of SAW interdigital transducers, laser ultrasonics and Lamb wave acoustic sensors and for continuing contributions to the field of education.

Prof. Calvin F. Quate

For pioneering contributions to the development of the scanning acoustic microscope and the atomic force microscope.

Prof. Gerald W. Farnell

For his devoted service and contributions to the IEEE UFFC Society in the field of Ultrasonics and for his original work in the areas of surface wave propagation in anisotropic materials.