Frequency Control Awards

The IEEE UFFC Society congratulates the following 2018 Frequency Control Award winners:

2020 Rabi Award – Robert Lutwak

“For pioneering technical contributions and engineering management leading to the development of the first commercial “chip-scale” atomic clock.”

2020 Sawyer Award – Victor Plessky

“For pioneering contributions to the development of SAW and micro-acoustic devices, including the prediction of Surface Transverse Waves (STM), the theory of the “leaky” SAW in periodic structures (i.e., the “Plessky equation”), and the invention of XBARs.”

2020 Cady Award – Craig Nelson

“For leadership in the design and development of state-of-the-art low noise oscillators and phase noise measurement systems”

Descriptions of each award and lists of past winners can be found at the following links:

Award Descriptions and Nomination Procedures