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Developer in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) time/frequency transfer (One-year secondment, BIPM Time Department)

Acoustic Response of Fluid Adsorption and Transport in Nanoporous Materials

  • This project employs a theoretical multiscale strategy based on molecular simulation and continuum-level homogenization techniques to unravel the acoustic signature of fluid adsorption and transport in nanoporous solids. By varying the working fluid, pressure, and temperature, the role of adsorption and transport types in acoustics will be probed. Unraveling such coupling between these phenomena will pave the way for acoustic operando monitoring as well as for acoustic stimulation/control for separation and catalysis in nanoporous materials. In the first part of the project (LIPhy), the postdoc will carry out molecular dynamics simulations to determine both the acoustic properties of the fluid/solid system by probing its phonon spectrum and its response to acoustic stimulation. Transverse and longitudinal sound velocities, as derived from mechanical coefficients obtained using molecular simulation, will be compared with experimental data available through a large consortium. Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations will be also used to assess diffusivity, permeability, and adsorption constants to predict the macroscopic acoustic behavior by incorporating these coefficients in continuum homogenization-based models to be developed in the second part of the project (UACh).
  • Practical aspects: Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Physics, Physical Chemistry, or Acoustical Physics with some theoretical background in adsorption, diffusion, and transport in porous materials. Previous experience in statistical mechanics applied to these problems and/or acoustical properties of porous media is required. Experience in homogenization methods applied to upscaling in continuum mechanics is desirable. This research project is part of a larger research program “ACOUFEN” involving strong collaboration between experimentalists and theorists (Montpellier/Grenoble/Valdivia).
  • The position is available from Nov. 2021 and lasts for 18 months: the postdoc will first spend 9 months in Grenoble, France, and then 9 months in Valdivia, Chile (significant financial support is provided to cover travel expenses).
  • The net take-home salary depends on the number of years of experience after Ph.D. but is at a minimum of ∼2050 EUR/month in France and ∼1300000 CLP/month in Chile.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The applicants should provide a CV with a list of publications, a letter of motivation, and the names and e-mail addresses of 3 references to B. Coasne at and R. Venegas at

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