AdCom Meetings

2nd 2018 AdCom Meeting, October 22, 2018, Kobe, Japan


1st 2018 AdCom Meeting

The first UFFC-S AdCom Meeting for 2018 was held at Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe on Sunday, May 20th in conjunction with the 2018 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium. The meeting was followed by a dinner held at the Resort. There were 40 members in attendance and 4 members participated electronically. This was the first meeting chaired by the new UFFC-S President, Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb. Nazanin initiated a new procedure that called for all committee reports to be approved via a Consent Agenda which allowed for much more time for Society planning and strategizing for the future. It was a very productive meeting in a very beautiful setting.