IEEE Fellows of the UFFC Society

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Hong Wang, 2021,
for development, integration, and commercialization of novel dielectric ceramics and composites for passive integration
Shujun Zhang, 2021,
for contributions to the development of advanced piezoelectrics for transducers
David Allan, 2021,
for contributions to timing systems, and precision clocks
Andrew Bell, 2020,
for contributions to piezoelectric science and engineering resulting in novel high temperature ultrasound transducers
Stanislav Emelianov, 2020,
for contributions to ultrasound elasticity and photoacoustic imaging
Kurt Gibble, 2020,
for contributions to improving the accuracy of atomic fountain clocks
Jacob Jones, 2020,
for development of X-ray scattering methods to understand electromechanical properties of ferroelectrics
Randy Kubena, 2019,
for contributions to ion-beam processing and nanofabrication
Theodore Moise, 2019,
for contributions to ferroelectric memory development and engineering
Robert Rohling, 2019,
for contributions to ultrasound for medical diagnosis and intervention
Piero Tortoli, 2019,
for contributions to ultrasound signal processing hardware and algorithms
Qifa Zhou, 2019,
for contributions to medical ultrasound transducers and multimodal imaging
James Friend, 2018,
for contributions to acoustics, microfluidics and microactuation
David Howe, 2018,
for contributions to global time synchronization
Kullervo Hynynen, 2018,
for contributions to image-guided therapeutic focused ultrasound
Sergei Kalinin, 2018,
for leadership in piezoresponse force microscopy for nanoscale Imaging
L. Scott Smith, 2018,
for contributions to ultrasound transducer technology for medical Imaging
Shuji Tanaka, 2018,
for contributions to micro-electromechanical systems for acoustic wave devices, physical sensors, and power generation
Zuo-Guang Ye, 2017,
For contributions to piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials for high-performance electromechanical transducers
Robert Lutwak, 2017,
For technical leadership in research, development and commercialization of miniature atomic frequency standards and clocks
Siegfried Bauer, 2016,
For contributions to the understanding and application of electroactive polymer dielectrics
F. Stuart Foster, 2016,
For contributions to the development and commercialization of ultrasound technology.
Ellis Meng, 2016,
For contributions to biomedical microelectromechanical systems
Ajay Poddar, 2016,
For contributions to microwave oscillators
John Hossack, 2015,
For contributions in ultrasound imaging and drug delivery
Ernest Feleppa, 2015,
For contributions to ultrasound imaging medical applications
Anand Dabak, 2014,
For contributions to wireless and power-line communications
John Schneider, 2014,
For leadership in advancing the field of ultrasonic imaging and fingerprint identification
Andrei Shkel, 2014,
For contributions to micromachined gyroscopes
Gary Johnson, 2014,
For leadership in growth and manufacturing processes of quartz
Aaron Fenster, 2013,
For contributions to medical Imaging and ultrasound-guided intervention
Ruyan Guo, 2013,
For contributions to understanding of polarization phenomena in ferroelectric solid-solution systems.
Arthur Morris, 2013,
For development and commercialization of CMOS radio frequency micro electro mechanical systems
Paul Muralt, 2013,
For contributions to piezoelectric microelectro mechanical systems.
Kenji Uchino, 2013,
For contributions to piezoelectric and electrostrictive actuators and electromechanical energy conversion.
Ton Van Der Steen, 2013,
For development of ultrasound diagnostic techniques for vulnerable plaque detection.
Mostafa Fatemi, 2012,
For contribution to ultrasound radiation force imaging and tissue characterization
Michael Insana, 2012,
For contributions to ultrasound imaging methods, particularly elastography
Jorgen Jensen, 2012,
For contributions to medical ultrasound imaging systems
Andrei Kholkin, 2012,
For contributions to electromechanical characterization methods and applications
Reinhard Lerch, 2012,
For contributions to ultrasonic transducer technology and computer modeling of sensors and actuators
Eric Miller, 2012,
For contributions to inverse problems and physics-based signal and image processing
Thomas Shrout, 2012,
For contributions to the development of advanced piezoelectrics for ultrasound transducers
Emad Ebbini, 2011,
For contributions to ultrasound temperature imaging and dual-mode ultrasound
Craig Hartley, 2011,
For contributions to high frequency ultrasonic medical instrumentation
Eun Kim, 2011,
For contributions to microelectromechanical systems
Sidney Lang, 2011,
For contributions to pyroelectric and polarization in solid dielectrics
Yuriy Shmaliy, 2011,
For contributions to optimal methods for timekeeping and statistical theory of piezoelectric systems
Katherine Ferrara, 2010,
For contributions to ultrasound and its applications in molecular imaging and drug delivery
Yutaka Hata, 2010,
For contributions to fuzzy logic based image processing in biomedical informatics
Jun-ichi Kushibiki, 2010,
For contributions to ultrasonic metrology and acoustic microscopy