Call for additional members for the IUS 2022 Organizing Committee

July 2, 2021 | Contributed By - Sheronica James, Diversity & Inclusion Chair for IUS 2022

Organization for the 2022 International Ultrasonics Symposium IEEE UFFC is underway. The meeting will be held in Venice, Italy, on October 10 to 13. An option will be provided for virtual attendance as well.

The organizing committee still has a few spots open and would like to invite additional UFFC members to become part of the organizing team to create a strong-impact, exciting and diverse conference.

Enthusiastic and dedicated participation is sought, in particular, to help as co-chairs for :

  • Short Courses
  • Awards
  • Publicity
  • Student Events
  • Video Transcripts, A/V, hybrid virtual platform and content
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Exhibits, Industry & Sponsorship
  • Women in Engineering Events
  • Program Book
  • User Experience

If you are interested in being part of the organizing committee for IEEE UFFC, please send a brief CV describing your involvement in IEEE UFFC and any experience in conference organization to Kendall Waters,, Volunteer Engagement Chair for UFFC, and explain in a few words, why you want to be part of the committee and what role(s) you think you could best fulfill.

We need all applications by August 1st please in order to finalize the new committee members by the end of August.

Best Wishes,

Lori Bridal and Enrico Grisan, General Chairs for IUS 2022

Sheronica James, Diversity Chair for IUS 2022