The Distinguished Lecturer Program is an important feature of UFFC. Distinguished Lecturers are chosen at each Fall AdCom meeting to serve an 18-month period beginning on January 1 or July 1 of the following year. The Distinguished Lecturer is selected not only because of personal stature and contribution to a field, but also because of broad knowledge of the field. Each lecturer presents between 20 and 40 lectures all over the world at institutions and places of interest to her/him and her/his research. Groups desiring to invite a lecturer should either contact the lecturer directly or write to , Vice-Chair of the Awards Committee.

Distinguished Lecturers

Clive Randall

Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Research Institute
Term: July 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020
Lecture Title: "A Discussion of Defects, Crystal Chemistry, Thermochemistry, Non-equilibrium Processing and the Impact on Properties of Ferroelectric Materials"
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